6Net-Italy: Addressing and Naming

To understand our 6Net network, we suggest to have a look at the general network architecture of our IPv6 site.

POPs and sites

POP POP Address Sites Site Addresses
Roma 2001:760::/40
GARR (main site) 2001:760::/48
Caspur 2001:760:2::/48
UniversitÓ di Roma Tre 2001:760:4::/48
UniversitÓ di Napoli 2001:760:6::/48
Bologna 2001:760:200::/40
INFN / CNAF 2001:760:200::/48
Universita' di Bologna 2001:760:202::/48
Universita' di Ferrara 2001:760:204::/48
Torino 2001:760:400::/40
Politecnico di Torino 2001:760:400::/48
Universita' di Milano 2001:760:402::/48
Pisa 2001:760:600::/40
CNR / IIT 2001:760:600::/48
Universita' di Firenze 2001:760:602::/48

The general structure for the naming is the site.6net.garr.it. Therefore, all the hosts beloing to the 6Net project (in our University) should have the polito.6net.garr.it suffix.


Links and network over the backbone uses the 2001:760:FFF::/48 address space. The general rules are the following:

The address of the loopback interface will be the /128 address corresponding to the assigned network. For instance, the Torino POP has baan assigned with the 2001:760:FFF:6::/64 network; the loopback interface of the router will be 2001:760:FFF:6::/128.

Naming rules are the following:

For instance, the Torino POP will have the following names:

The full addressing plan of the backbone is the following: