Freeamp-v6 2.1.1

Freeamp was a great MP3 player, now replaced by Zinf. ZINF share the same code base of Freeamp, but it is a new project.

The goal of this work was to make Freeamp 2.1.1 working with IPv6. There is a Freeamp-v6 version for Windows and Linux. We have no plans to extend our work to Zinf because of the lack of interest of that community with respect of IPv6.

This porting is a "proof of concept" and must not be considered an affordable product. So, please don't expect that Freeamp-v6 will work perfectly on all the machines, that the features of Freeamp are entirely supported, and that the author we'll be ready to fix every bug.

You can:

Installation notes

Freeamp is able to work with both IPv4 and IPv6 streams: it will detect the protocol automatically. Obviously, an IPv6 stack is required in order to make Freeamp-v6 running.


Freeamp-v6 has been tested on several Windows XP and Windows2000 machines with IPv6 stack installed. We didn't test it on the MSR stack.

You have just to decompress the into the destination folder, then run freeamp.exe by double clicking on it.


Freeamp-v6 has been tested on Linux Red Hat 7.2 with kernel version 2.4.7. If you don't have an IPv6-ready kernel, you can find a lot of information in the Linux IPv6 Page of Peter Bieringer.

To install Freeamp-v6, decompress the Freeamp-v6.tar.gz into the destination folder, go into the bin directory and run freeamp:

Known issues:

Developer's notes - Windows

We do not provide a diff against the original source files. However we provide both the original and the resulting source files, so that you can (1) generate the diff, (2) build freeamp-v6 from scratch.

Original source code has been retained and it is still present in the modified sources. However that code is not active because of a new #ifdef HAVE_IPV6 that selects the new code. If you take the new #define off the the project files, you should be able to compile Freeamp-v6 with the old code.

Compilation Requirements

IPv6 Stack

If you are about to build Freeamp-v6 you will need to have installed the last SDK (November 2001).


In order to build the binaries you will need to download and install the Win32 port of the SGI STL from:

Project files

We didn't make too may changes:

Developer's notes - Linux

We provide, also for Linux, the source code of Freeamp-v6 and original Freeamp, in the case you want to generate the diff. Like in the Windows case, original source code is still present but it is not active because of the HAVE_IPV6 definition.

Building the binary

In order to build Freeamp-v6 you have to:

Freeamp-v6 and NASM

We didn't use NASM, although Freeamp developers says that Freeamp should work better if compiled with that tool. We believe that the best way is to keep things simple, so we tend to avoid external tools.

Source files

The files that have been modified in order to support IPv6 are the following:


For more information please contact:
Fulvio Risso,
Ernesto Escalona,
Politecnico di Torino, Italy.