Network Architecture

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Since the Politecnico di Torino is a multihomed site, we have two (overlapping) addressing spaces:

Geographical Architecture

Physical Architecture

The physical layer makes use of ATM links toward the GARR words and GigaEthernet links toward the RESEAU world. Both networks provide access to the wide area Internet and to the 6Bone.

The Politecnico uses a single Cisco 2651 router to connect the 6Net and the RESEAU networks to the internal network.

Addressing and Naming

The structure of the network from the addressing and naming point of view is summarized below.

Basically, the Politecnico di Torino has two DNS domain ( and which are used to resolve addresses. The preferred domain is the, which makes uses of the 6Net address space. The domain keeps the RESEAU address space.

To be compliant with the 6Net project, the 6Net address space is mapped on the domain as well. However, we prefer using the one.